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Mudgeeraba Child Care



Who We Are

I will explain... calm, well mannered, engaged, motivated
and educated children that can read on their own and are prepared for big school is what we are known for… isn’t this what you want for your child?

Montessori empowers your child's learning potential.

Our Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care Centre is dedicated to providing High Quality Service and Care for the past ten years, by people who are
passionate about children's Montessori Education and their future.

We are ONLY located at 9 Robert Street Mudgeeraba Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

​Our goal is to help you find the Best Education for your child in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast. ​​

If you've arrived at this page, chances are you've heard about Gold Coast Montessori and our teaching methods but you're not sure how they're different from traditional child care and kindergartens.

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Our centre is staffed with double qualified educators - both in "Montessori" and "Australian Children’s Services".

Some Centres said they were "influenced by Montessori" with a few tray activities - that is not the real Montessori so don't be fooled into thinking it is.

Infants from 6 weeks old to 6 year old children.

Monday to Friday open 6am to 6pm close.

Here in Mudgeeraba, children learn to both take direction and direct their own learning process, preparing them for a future of excellence.

We have an advanced pre-prep service helping children be ready and prepared for big school. Here, children get to know who they are, and who they can truly be. We are a Cycle 1 Montessori School that exceeds Child Care requirements.

If your child is not experiencing all that we have to offer - then we can assist you in moving your child to our centre.

A child care centre so inspiring that children are excited and eager to come every day.

Our Monet room is designed to
give our younger toddlers the opportunity to work within a prepared environment where “me do it!” is our goal for the children.

Teachers encourage students to concentrate on tasks independently from their friends until they have mastered the task. 

For children aged 15 months this reduces the tensions between children not yet communicating vocally.

15 Months to 24 Months

Baby & Infant's

Picasso Room – Our Nido for babies from 6 weeks to 14 months.

We at Montessori Gold Coast know that caring for your
baby is no simple matter. Dr. Montessori provided us with clear goals and guidelines which are implemented by our qualified, interested and
focused team who use this to tailor a care plan for your child.

6 week old to 15 Months


Child Care is more than just children playing games. Montessori teaches child how to learn and so much more. We have been "rated Exceeding" by the Australian Government.

Pre-primary children are immersed in the dynamics of their own language
development and the Montessori approach provides a carefully thought-out
program to facilitate this process.

24 Months to 6 years

The pathway to your
child's future begins here with
Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care .

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The Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care Centre is the leading and largest genuine
Montessori Child Day Care provider on the Gold Coast.

Established in 2006 our mission is to provide excellence in early childhood education.

Parents travel from all over the Gold Coast suburbs to advance their
child's education and preparation for Prep and Primary school.

Organic meals prepare in our kitchen. Montessori Earth Garden.

Let's start at the very beginning.
We've never met a parent who didn't want the best education for their child.
But many parents aren't sure what that entails. 

Want to give your child more stimulation?

Want to give your child a great head start?

Watch your child's natural ability accelerate.

Your child builds confidence and their independence grows with Mudgeeraba Montessori.

Our Mudgeeraba Kindergarten teacher is qualified and experienced Primary school teacher - so our students are prepared to take on the challenges of big school, not just academically but with confidence about the expectations of behavior and social work dynamics.

We have genuine Montessori, and double qualified Montessori - Child Care educators and team members through-out our centre.