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We've never met a parent who didn't want the best education for their child.

But many parents aren't sure what that entails. I will explain... calm, well mannered, engaged, motivated and educated children who can read on their own and are prepared for big school is what we are known for… isn’t this what you want for your child?

If you've arrived at this website, chances are you've heard about Gold Coast Montessori and our teaching methods but you're
not sure how they're different than traditional child care and

At Gold Coast Montessori Child Care and Preschool we celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

Here, infant and children to the age of 6 are encouraged to develop in their own individual way, at their own pace - which is usually far faster than parents might imagine.

Montessori Child Care - Long Day Care Centre - Government Approved Kindergarten Program.

Second Language

Nature Harvest Garden

Qualified Montessori Educators Montessori Trained Team

Montessori Equipment

Montessori Qualified Owner.

Montessori Cycle 1 Class

take direction and direct their own learning process, preparing them for a future of excellence.

We have an advanced pre-prep service helping children be ready and prepared for big school. Here, children get to know who they are, and who they can truly be. We are a Cycle 1 Montessori School that exceeds Child Care requirements.

We are ONLY located at 9 Robert Street Mudgeeraba Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

If your child is not experiencing all that we have to offer - then we can assist you in moving your child to our centre.

Want to give your child more stimulation?

Want to give your child a great head start? ​

Watch your child's natural ability accelerate.

Your child builds confidence and independence grows.

Did you know that "0-6yrs" are the most important years of a child's education!

If your child is not experiencing all that we have to offer - then we can assist you in moving your child to our centre.

exercises of practical life, care of the environment, washing, polishing, tidying etc. care of the person, dressing frames.

The aim is to engender independence, concentration, repetition, confidence, and build a bridge from home to school. The sensorial equipment including the pink tower, red rods, bells, colour tablets are aimed at educating and refining of all senses, indirect preparation for later work. 

Language area including the sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet.

Mathematics area include the number rods, golden beads.

Cultural areas include the puzzle maps of the world, art, history and biology. 

By becoming an informed parent, you will see firsthand what High
Quality Care and Genuine Montessori is all about.You will feel confident and comfortable knowing as a parent you have made the best choice for your child and their future. 

Trust, Love, Attention, Learning, Enjoyment, Genuine Montessori Education, Montessori Equipment, Quality Customer Service and Hygiene are our Centres point of difference.

Australian Government Fee Relief available

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